March Links for the Part Time Traveler

Hello, friends! It passed without any fanfare, but Chasing My Sunshine turned a year old in February (how it’s grown since the first post!). I’ve decided that it’s time to take my posting schedule to twice a week. Mondays(ish) are still going to be my Travel Stories and some Travel Resources, but Thursdays(ish) are going to be focused on the lifestyle of a part time traveler.

This first installment is going to be full of links to have you armchair traveling or, even better, bringing a piece of travel into your life…while you’re stationary! So let’s get over this Thursday slump and get some good reading in.

Red Rocks, Colorado - part time traveler
Here’s a pic from my latest trip to hold us over! Red Rocks in Colorado.

Links for the Part Time Traveler

  • Do you open 1000 tabs when you’re surfing the web? Do people still say “surfing the web?” Regardless, i downloaded a Chrome extension that shows you cheap flights from your local airport. I’m obsessed.
  • One of the reasons I can deal with being a part-time traveler is because there’s always something I can do for my blog. Audrey has some really straightforward ways to start a travel blog and not lose your mind!
  • Befriending locals while traveling seems to be the way to have some freaking incredible experiences when you travel. Why not practice at home? Here are some awesome tips.
  • Okay, I’m such a sucker for personality quizzes. And this one tells you which wine is good for you. So when you’re cuddled up watching Olivia Pope, you can travel via your wineglass.
  • Who doesn’t like looking at wedding photos? Now what if I told you my friend traveled to Rwanda and shot a straight up amazing batch of wedding photos? Yeah. Check them out!
  • Have you ever thought of being a tour guide in your home country…or at all? This is a fairly long (but really good!) read on the art of tour guiding.

I’ll be back next Thursday with a really fun travel survey. Until then, get out there and chase what makes you happy!

Let’s Chat!

  • Any fun stories or links to share? I’d love to read ‘em!
  • I love this roundup of posts! Perfect for us part-time travelers 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Amanda!
    Kelly recently posted…Travel Talk: When Should You Use a Travel Agent?My Profile

    • Amanda Folk

      Of course! I figured all of us like to travel through the internet when we can’t actually be out there on the road. 🙂

  • I love lists like this! I actually just finished reading Kate’s post about leaving USA if Trump gets elected and it was really well-written. But of course it was, because it’s Adventurous Kate we’re talking about haha. And I definitely appreciate the last link too. I’ve recently come back from a trip abroad, but I don’t have any upcoming ones and I’m worried about running out of material haha. Thanks for this! 😊
    Ella recently posted…Coming Home Early From Travel – 2 Months LaterMy Profile

    • Amanda Folk

      Haha! Yes, everything Kate writes is just so well put! I definitely aspire to have such a great handle on my writing/blogging someday. I hope you had fun browsing through everything. 🙂