Social Media for Travel: Facebook Travel Planning

We are moving right along with our social media travel planning series. I’ve already told you how I use Twitter and Instagram to plan some aspects of travel and now I’m going to hop on over to my newest travel obsession: Facebook. Yes, that’s right. I recently started a Facebook for the blog (shameless plug: like me!) and since then, I have started to like Facebook a LOT more. So today I’m going to share with you four fun steps to Facebook travel planning.

4 Tips to make Facebook Travel Planning doable and fun. Pin this one to you travel planning boards, click through, and give 'em a try.

4 Steps for Facebook Travel Planning

1. Use Your Facebook Friends

Let’s start with who you know. Assuming that people on Facebook are actually your friends (I know, that’s a giant and probably inaccurate assumption) we want to start here. Have you picked a place to go already? Check to see if you’ve got friends or family there. Reach out and ask if they have any suggestions for places to go. If you’re really lucky they’ll offer you a place to stay too!

If you do NOT have a place picked out, I’m not against putting out a call to all of the newsfeed out there. Ask your friends for their locations or their friends’ locations who would be willing to host a traveler. I’ve known a few people who actually mapped out longer trips by doing this. Plus it’ll save you a little bit of money on accommodations. But please remember to be a good guest! Try to bring thoughtful gifts for your guests. If you don’t have enough room in your pack, at least remember to send thank you notes.

2. Facebook Destination Pages

Facebook has gotten seriously good at having pages for everything. Including locations. Take one of my summer trips, for example. I’m headed to Nashville down in August. If I pop a quick search into Facebook, I’ve already got tons of stuff to look at.

Facebook Travel Planning
Look at all the possibilities to add to your itinerary!

So why is Facebook so awesome for this, where Google might not be such a superstar? It’s totally up to date. You know all of those Facebook events you get invited to? Well now you can see an entire city’s! If anything happens to catch your eye during your trip, there you go. This also let’s you know where friends checked in, so you can always circle back to number one and ask what they thought. Isn’t Facebook creepy great?

3. Facebook Travel Groups

This next tip is one of the reasons why my opinion of Facebook has flipped from, “Meh, maybe I’ll get rid of it,” to “GAH how am I STILL on Facebook?? I’ve been on here for an hour!” I spend any time I’m on Facebook and NOT working on my page on Facebook groups. There’s two types of groups that can be helpful for your travel planning needs: ones between your friends and ones with a bunch of (helpful) strangers.

My friends have always been a “text each other until you want to throw your phone away” sort of travel planning group. Some of my friends graduated to Google docs, but I really hate Googledocs/calendar/etc. etc. So I am SO jazzed that everybody is swinging towards Facebook groups now. They seriously make planning a lot less annoying than it was before. You can have separate threads for flights, activities, hotels, etc. My friend just did this for her bridesmaids at the wedding I went to and it was so.much.easier to have it all on Facebook. Questions were easier to get answered and information is easier to access because you can always make the most important stuff “sticky” in the group so it always shows up first.

As for the other type of groups, did you know there are Facebook groups dedicated to absolutely everything you could imagine? Travel blogging, regular blogging, just traveling, minimalism, bullet journaling, yada yada yada. The list will never end! These are FABULOUS places to start if you are looking for a destination or looking for things to do in a certain part of the world. They’re popular enough that usually someone has an answer for you. Sure, you might get people inundating you with blog posts that aren’t 100% on topic, but there’s usually some really good info out there. Tip if you don’t want that: specifically say no blog posts, please! Two of my favorites are Girl vs. Globe and The Budget-Minded Traveler Community (although that was is significantly less populated!

If notifications start to drive you nuts, remember that you can always turn them off and just seek the information that you want, when you want it.

4. Learn Language Skills

Ah, yes. Facebook can even help with the language learning part of travel planning! I’ve already told you how there’s a Facebook group for everything, and that includes practicing your language skills. It’s always nice to practice common phrases before you find yourself in front of a shopkeeper struggling because you’re too nervous to translate in your head. (Just me?)

If you’re looking for a more general immersion into the language of wherever you’ll be traveling, just change the settings of your whole Facebook! Sure it can make figuring things out a little trickier, but worst case you’ll just change it back to your native language and figure it out. See? Facebook languages are more useful than just making your Facebook talk like a pirate. Although that is 100% still an option…

Facebook Travel Planning - Change Facebook Language
If you don’t see yours listed, click the plus sign. There are so many options!

Let’s Chat!

  • Where are you headed next? Are there any ways you can implement what you’ve read today to try Facebook travel planning?
  • Let me know your secrets! How do you use social media to travel plan?
  • So cool! I haven’t maximized Facebook for travel planning, apparently! Thanks for sharing this!!

    My favorite travel planning social media is definitely Pinterest. Such a great way to get the lay of the land!

    • Up until a month or two ago, I was ready to just get rid of Facebook. I’m glad I didn’t! You’ll have to let me know if you find anything fun via FB. 🙂

      And Pinterest is definitely one of the big travel planning sites, yes! I’ve got a post in the works. Any standout tips you love?

  • Allie Bigoness

    As always I love your blog post Amanda! You seriously know your travel stuff! I’ve recently just started falling back in love with FB again and it’s totally for the groups. I love our mastermind group, I’m in a few others but our mastermind is definitely my favorite. Definitely will be checking out some travel groups and that gives me an idea to check out some hobby ones as well!

    • Thanks girl! Always love your support. 🙂 I’m curious as to what groups you love! As it turns out now I’m addicted to them. Hahaha. I’m sure you’ll be able to find some for painting styles and techniques too.

      Good luck with your move, chica!

  • Tip # 4 is GENIUS, Amanda! 🙌 One of those “Why have I never thought of THAT?” hacks. You always put your own spin on travel tips; I always learn something new when I pass by your blog. And I use social media to ask for recs like you do but not to the extent you’ve taken it. Sharing this on Twitter soon!

    • Ah thank you! It’s not exactly conversational, but I think exposing yourself to as much of the language as possible is super helpful. 🙂 Any languages you’re looking to learn?

      • Brushing up on my Mandarin (I speak it but not as fluently as I’d like). Oh and learning Japanese too since I have lots of Japanese clients who have trouble with English! Which is why I go to Japan so often…

        Are you learning any languages at the moment?

        • I’m kind of always in a language affair with Italian. I go through phases where I’m obsessed with it and then it falls by the wayside because I never actually practice with Italian speakers!

          • Yep, having people to practice with makes a big difference! I stayed in China for a month straight once and that helped jumpstart my Mandarin. My aunt also learned by reading Chinese versions of books she loved and watching Chinese shows. Maybe it would be the same for you for Italian, yeah? 🙂

  • Lucy Bladen

    I just stumbled across your blog and I love all of your tips, especially this post. It will come in handy on my next trip!

    • Lucy, I’m so glad you stopped by! Where are you headed to next? I’d love to hear if anything on Facebook works out!