Fast Amanda Facts

Alright, so you’ve found my site. You’ve seen why I’m here for you. But you might want to know more about your bucket list enabler, huh?Well hey! I’m Amanda. Here are some fast facts about me.

Chasing My Sunshine about me
Just hanging around – you know.
  • My favorite color has always been cerulean. But purple is working its way up there.
  • I am 100% a dog person. And it’s not just that I’m allergic to cats.
  • I have a masters degree in exercise physiology. Do you have some physical bucket list goals? Let’s chat about that.
  • Twitter is my favorite social media site. Hands down.
  • I only wear brightly colored sunglasses.
  • My favorite animal is a giraffe. My spirit animal is an otter.
  • I studied abroad in Rome in 2011 and I still will not shut up about it.
  • I love my bicycle and it was my quarter-life crisis. Let’s go on a bike ride together.
  • I still read the Harry Potter series every year. My favorite changes constantly, but right now it’s The Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • I’m a Mac person.
  • My favorite season is Summer. But I bet you might have guessed that based off of the name of my blog.
  • I constantly battle between being a beach and a mountains type of gal – I just want it all. Is that too much to ask?
  • I’m probably listening to a podcast right now.
  • Although, my three desert island albums are Songs About Jane, From Under the Cork Tree, and The Hamilton soundtrack.
  • I despise IPAs.
  • My favorite movie is Life is Beautiful. Watch it. If you don’t cry we can’t be friends.
  • I may not want to live in Philadelphia the rest of my life, but I am a Philadelphia sports fan through-and-through.
  • Puns and bad dad jokes are my favorite.

But seriously, I am here for YOU. So let’s get to it! See what I can do for you and your bucket list.

Study Abroad Disney
This is when I studied abroad and got stuck on a roller coaster at Euro Disney.